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The Journey of Success Begins With DXN

Opening Ceremony of DXN Mauritania, 11th July 2020

DXN Middle East's brand new Rolls-Royce, 14 February 2020

Launching of DXN Nigeria, November 2019

DXN Kuwait Bus Trip - DXN Branch Visit, 12 July 2019

Annual Trip to the DXN Mexico Factory, 27 April 2019

Inauguration of the 3rd DXN Kuwait Branch, 14 June 2019

Preliminary Opening of the DXN Morocco Branch on 10th April 2019 at Casablanca

Inauguration of the new DXN Branch in Dubai, 2018

DXN Cyberville - Perspective

DXN Middle East 18th Anniversary & Recognition Ceremony, 14 February 2020

DXN Philippines' 20th Anniversary Celebration on 23rd November 2019

DXN Kuwait 14th Anniversary and Recognition on 17th January 2020

DXN Colombia's 6th Anniversary Celebrations on 31st August 2019

DXN Pakistan's 12th Anniversary Celebrations on 3rd November 2019

DXN Peru's 9th Anniversary Celebration on 20th October 2019

DXN Mexico's 12th Anniversary Celebrations, August 2019

Teaser for DXN Philippines' 20th Anniversary celebrations 2019

DXN Thailand's 20th Anniversary celebration on 21st October 2018

DXN 25th Anniversary

DXN Bolivia 6th Anniversary

DXN 25th Anniversary Milestone

DXN QATAR 13th Anniversary & Recognition Ceremony, 2018

IIMSAM and DXN - To End Malnutrition Around The Globe

Teaser for DXN Philippines' Diamonds Gathering 2019

DXN Jordan's Recognition Event on 29th June 2019

DXN UAE Recognition Ceremony - An Evening with Datuk Dr. Lim

DXN Bahrain - Grand Recognition Program, 2018

DXN Middle East MAKEOVER 2020, 6th to 8th February 2020

DXN UAE's Bangladesh Expatriate Celebration, Dubai, 20th December 2019

DXN UAE's One Day Workshop for DXN Bangladesh Distributors, Dubai, 29th November 2019

DXN Cosmetics Pre-Launching on 20th December 2019 at DXN Mexico

Arabic Ladies Conference on 26 October 2019

DXN Turkey's Launching of Datuk Dr. Lim's Book, "My Journey with DXN", 22 September 2019

DXN UAE's "My Journey with DXN" (Arabic and English version) Book Launching Event

DXN UAE Hindi Conference, August 2019

DXN Philippines' Health Workshop "Clearing Mind - "Nothingness" on 21st May 2019

DXN Middle East's Wellness Seminar on 14 June 2019

DXN UAE - DXN Korea Cosmetics Pre-Launching Event on 7th March 2019

DXN Cosmetics Series Launching Event at DXN Spain

DXN OMAN - An Evening with Datuk Dr. Lim Siow Jin

DXN Middle East - Arabic Conference on 9 February 2018

Business Leadership Workshop by Mr.Fatemi Ghani (Crown Ambassador) on 26 January 2018

DXN America 3rd International Leadership Camp, Las Vegas, 2019

Hindi Residential Camp, Dubai, 17 - 18 October 2019

Arabic Residential Camp, Oman, 10 - 12 October 2019

DXN Turkey's Leadership Camp, January 2019

Pre Camp of Young Members - Bolivia 2018

DXN VI European Leadership Camp - Slovakia 2018

ITSI Spain 2019


Welcome to the World of DXN

Interview with: Datuk Dr. Lim Siow Jin - Why DXN?

Interview with: Datuk Dr. Lim Siow Jin - Ganoderma & Spirulina

DXN Documentary Video

DXN Corporate Video

Agreement Signing Ceremony; KL Stock Exchange listing

Introduction to DXN


Business Opportunity from DXN Coffee

DXN Full Video

DXN Business Rational Decisions


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